5 Star Lawn Care
The Heat is On!!!
       Summer is getting closer and temperatures are going up so here are some tips to having a healthy lawn: first and foremost be sure to raise your lawn mower height as temperatures go up!! Also, keep the mower blades sharp!! Next is proper watering, you will want to water deep and only as needed. This time of year that would be 2 times per week, possibly 3.  If it's getting exceptionally warm, your lawn will tell you when it is thirsty, it will start to look hazy blue to grayish. If that's the case then add a day to your water schedule or if it's just certain areas you might be able to hand water. If you have gear-driven or oscillating sprinklers you will need to water 35-45 minutes per zone. For pop-up sprinklers 20-25 minutes per zone. Either way 1/2-3/4 of an inch of water needs to be on the lawn each time you water. The best time to water is between 4:00 am-9:00am. We would also recommend an application of Revive in May to help your lawn thrive even further. Always call us with any questions!!